Lions News · Freshmen White Dominate Stephenville 42-0

Offensive Standouts:

Brandon Holland led the Lions on rushing attempts and got in the end zone three times. Tyse Savage also added 2 touchdown runs for the Lions. Brayden Daub scored once on a qb sneak and Curtis Banks added the final score on the night.  The offensive line (Nicholas Thames, James Lara, Jason O’Neal, Grayson Cox, Bryan Osbourne, Eli Goodrich) stood out on offense as they controlled the line of scrimmage all night.


Defensive Standouts:

Keaton Reeves had numerous tackles for loss from his linebacker position. Austin Linney had a good game at outside linebacker while Junior Garcia was a standout at the defensive back position. Our defensive line was anchored down by Grayson Cox, Brian Osbourne, and Albert Salazar.